ladies clothing

Ladies Clothing

Our large assortment of women’s clothing from new and trendy to vintage and classic. We proudly feature top brands at very low prices. You will also find we have shoes and other accessories from name brands, and top designers. Clothes don’t have be damaged or defective to be discounted; we hand inspect every article to insure quality clothing for an affordable price! We will keep you looking great all year round!

Ladies Accessories

It really is all in the details. And Value Village has all the details you need to take just clothing to a full outfit. We have handbags, purses, shoes, and jewelry to take any outfit to the next level, and be the center of attention. We can help you always look fabulous for our legendary Value Village prices.

Value Village has a whole showcase dedicated to bags and purses, and woman doesn’t need more of these? You can get the perfect bag to go with that outfit.

Shoes are a Ladies’ best friend. And here, there’s no shortage of the best shoes. Hand selected for style and quality, so you can always complete any outfit.

The perfect way to accent any outfit, or add color to an outfit.

men's clothing

Men’s Clothing

We have a huge selection of men’s clothing at great prices. Our large variety allows you to shop here for any occasion. At Value Village you can find jeans, shorts, shirts for dress or play. We have your men’s clothes for every occasion. We monitor our quality to ensure you are getting an amazing deal you can’t get anywhere else. And our organized stores will let you find what you need quickly.

Need to look good and professional for a job interview or special event? Value Village has you covered. Every suit is inspected by hand to insure quality. So you can look professional at a Value Village price.

We have athletic shorts, jerseys, tennis shoes, and even cleats! Summer is the perfect time to get in shape, and stay active.

Stay in style with the latest trends in jeans. We have all the name brand and designer jeans!

Men’s Accessories

It really is all in the details. And Value Village has all the details you need to take just clothing to a full outfit. We have hats, shoes, ties, jewelry, everything a man needs to look his best for anything. And of course, all of this hand selected for quality and style, at Value Village’s unbeatable prices.

Value Village has a whole showcase dedicated to designer ties. Perfect for formal events or that big interview.

We have men’s top brands of shoes for every occasion, from athletic, to formal, to lounge shoes. So you never have to go out of style.

What man doesn’t need a good watch? Bring any style together with a watch, necklace, or cuff links!

vintage clothing

Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is a great way to save money, not to mention look good while doing it! Vintage clothing is always a good way to spice up your wardrobe, and it’s great for the environment as the clothes is being recycled. You can also expect quality in our vintage clothing, we check out each article before it hits our racks. Our clothing is well organized in a well lit store, so you don’t have to spend hour sifting through clothes to find exactly what you are looking for. And check out our vintage collectibles and toys. With our ever changing inventory, you never know what treasures you are going to find here!

Value Village’s inventory is always changing, so you never know what gems we will have on a weekly basis. Examples of vintage collectibles we have had are Red Ryders BB guns, Vintage Macintosh Computers, Antique Dolls, and vintage Cardinals Memorabilia!

We have a wide collection of vintage accessories, from scarves, to jewelry, to shoes! What better way to complete an outfit?

Our inventory is always changing, so we always have a wide variety of vintage styles for every season. We have a wide variety of vintage dresses, pants, tops, and shirts!

tot's clothing


Little ones grow fast, so you don’t want to spend a lot on their clothing. We carry a range of clothing from newborn up to keep up with your tots and growing children. You can find all you need from shoes up to their hats so they can be as fashionable as you want. Smart parents love saving money, and Value Village can help you. We keep our selections organized and check the items for quality, because busy parents don’t have a lot of time to hunt.

teen clothing

Teen Clothing

It’s always hard to keep up with the trends, as quick as they come and go. And with growing teens, clothes don’t last long. Here at Value Village, you can always keep up for less. We have it all to keep current, clothes, accessories, and shoes in all sizes! We always keep the best brands, and styles in gently worn clothing available for men and women. With thousands of items daily, you’ll have no problem finding something you’ll love!